We are looking for an exceptional individual with a vision on how to build out an online Help Center for a SaaS product. Do you have experience in implementing a knowledge base with articles & videos, a community forum, on-demand webinars and support oriented AI chatbots? Have you been hands-on in creating content, analyzing article traffic and search queries to identify language patterns? We’d love to talk to you.

Job Overview

ReCollect’s Customer Success team drives value and growth with our customers by teaching them how to use the features and achieve their goals. Our Customer Support team handles inquiries daily. Our Help Center should be the primary resource our customers seek to be self-trained, find how-to answers quickly, access our library of templates, learn best practices, and grow from community knowledge.

Therefore, it is crucial we find a Customer Education Manager to take ownership of our Help Center, drive customers to be self-sufficient, and free up our Customer Success and Support teams from repetitive education.

Reporting directly to the Director of Customer Success, as our first Customer Education Manager, you will transform our customer facing Academy into our Help Center. The best part is our Customers LOVE our products, our company, and are thirsty for more knowledge at their fingertips!

Help Center is comprised of:

1) Knowledge Base

The knowledge base answers all questions customers have. The architecture of this knowledge base is key, leveraging AI, tags, and groups, and easy navigation, in order to serve up the most relevant content.

    Articles & Videos

    Continuously Identify Content:

    • Analyze article traffic and search queries from our Help Center, then compare it to customer support email & form inquiries to uncover recurring themes and surface language patterns to create targeted content that resonates with customers
    • Work closely with Customer Success Managers (CSMs) for content that is needed, and to ensure best practices are included in all articles
    • Work closely with Enterprise CSM to ensure we serve up the content applicable to them
    • Work cross departmentally with:
      • Product team on new features & products as they are planned & released
      • Support team for articles they need beyond the traffic & search query findings

    Content Contributors:

    • In collaboration with the Director of Customer Success, define the right balance of authoring the content yourself and seeking contribution from subject matter experts
    • Craft a consistent tone and style in a way that speaks to our audience, keeps them interested, and answers their questions
    • Create a style guide that can be followed by all contributors

    Search and Chatbot:

    Implement best practices for serving up content when a search query is made or a question is formed in the Chatbot:

    • Serve up the most relevant answers, articles or videos based on knowledge base architecture
    • Ask if content was helpful for analysis purposes
    • Suggest other related articles for further learning

    2) Academy

    The Academy is where customers go to be guided through training and action plans to achieve their goals. Currently, we have training videos for each main product and a playbook of tasks they should complete at each stage of their journey.


    • Working closely with CSMs, transform these videos & playbooks into a series that make up a course
    • Record new videos as needed for the courses
    • Courses should be aligned to customer goals
    • Bring creativity to this component that encourages customers to learn:
      • Develop a certification component to the Academy!
      • Send celebration prompts when milestones are achieved

    Live Classes

    • Identify live classes needed based on customer demand
    • Facilitate these live classes, to be conducted by rotating CSMs
      • Facilitation includes sending invites & follow-ups


    • Using automation, track each user’s progress through their courses
    • Raise awareness of customers who need to be encouraged to do more

    3) Community

    We have an amazing team and group of customers we call the ReCollect Community. Our customers like to share with each other and learn from each other.


      ReCollect customer webinars bring our Community together to learn and network on industry challenges. Ultimately, it drives growth by hearing how others have successfully leveraged ReCollect to modernize programs & services.

      • Quarterly or annually, define the topics that we want our customers talking about
      • Secure internal team members & customers as co-host speakers
      • Host and facilitate all webinars
        • Facilitation includes setup registration landing pages, sending invites & follow-ups

      Promotional Content:

      Customers need our assistance and inspiration to drive marketing promotional efforts. We offer templated content like social media posts, promo videos, and design files. We host a vast library of examples, courtesy of our ReCollect Community, ranging from stickers & flyers, to truck wraps & commercial ads. You will be responsible to keep this content fresh and robust.

      Future growth:

      Strive to continue to build upon the Help Center, such as a Community Forum

      • Discussion boards
      • Suggest an Idea portal


      Continually analyze KPI’s for effectiveness of self-help behaviour. Make data-driven decisions, and have a continuous improvement, collaboration mindset.

      There are other sections of the Help Center that are maintained by other teams, you will ensure cohesiveness to tone and style is observed.

      In all content - articles, success stories, webinars, collaborate with Marketing for cross use of content.

      Customer Outbound Communication

      Drive customers to the Help Center by engaging them with outbound communications on product announcements, new content and new events.

      Work closely with our Product team on co-facilitation of outbound communications sent twice-monthly, both email and in-app notifications.

      Skills and Traits

      The right person for this job will have proven experience developing and maintaining a Help Center, its contents, and growing its usage. Will be required to provide a writing sample and/or portfolio of work.

      What You Will Bring:

      • Experience developing and implementing an online Help Center for a SaaS product
      • Experience owning the technology in which the Help Center is hosted
      • Experience developing education materials for a SaaS product
      • You write effective copy, instructional text
      • You record engaging & effective videos
      • You are data-driven and create content based on numbers and trends
      • You are confident, set goals and develop achievable timelines to hit them
      • You have excellent research skills to analyze our current process, understand our products, customers, and our team, and create a top learning experience
      Bonus points if you have:
      • Familiarity with Freshdesk
      • Knowledge of waste management industry practices

      Most importantly, we want you to be bright and fun. You must also care about a greener planet, happy citizens, and more efficient governments.

      The Company

      ReCollect is a Software as a Service focused organization that lives at the intersection of technology, waste and recycling and public impact.

      Our mission is to support a sustainable planet by helping our customers increase recycling and reduce the impact of waste with delightful communications and engagement tools.

      We are a fast growing company that serves hundreds of customers across North America and nudges millions of citizens every day to make better environmental choices.

      Our team is entirely distributed across North America and has been since our founding 8 years ago. As a result the ReCollect team has many, many years of telecommute experience and working on highly productive remote teams.

      At ReCollect we celebrate individual differences. These can be along the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. Our inclusive culture promotes growth and learning for our employees, customers and the communities we serve.

      We are committed to advancing, cultivating and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion because it aligns with our goal of helping humans live in harmony with each other and with our planet.